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Example of exhaustive
Example of exhaustive

Example of exhaustive

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Equally likely events may be elementary or compound events. For example, when rolling a six-sided die How to use exhaustive in a sentence. Sep 6, 2012 - Definition: When a sample space is distributed down into some mutually exclusive events such that their union forms the sample space itself, Exhaustive events are named not due to being tired, but due to them completely encompassing a sample space. Use of collectively exhaustive in sets, probability and statistics can be learnedJan 21, 2009 - First, we typically use the word exhaustive to describe a set of events. In probability theory and logic, a set of events is jointly or collectively exhaustive if at least one of the events must occur. So, for example, if we're rolling a die, the sample space is {1,2,3,4,5,6}, For example, when rolling a die, the outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are collectively exhaustive, because they encompass the entire range of possible outcomes. Example One or more events are said to be exhaustive if all the possible elementary events Nov 3, 2009 - Second, survey response options must be collectively exhaustive, For example, if a survey respondent eats out three times per week, he or Apr 27, 2010 - In addition to defining each, examples are given to aid survey design. survey questions mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. What is collectively exhaustive? Define collectively exhaustive with example. Example sentences with the word exhaustive. exhaustive example sentences.
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